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10 Matt. xix. 21. [R. V., "If thou wouldest," etc.]

11 Matt. xvi. 24.

12 Matt. xix. 22.

13 [R. V., "he was one that had," etc.]

14 Matt. xix. 23. [The citation is a combination of this verse and Mark x. 23. The iufluence of Mark's more striking account is seen throughout the Homily.-R.]

15 belo/nhn.

16 [R. V., with the same Greek text, renders, "to go through a needle's eye." The variation in the English above seems unnecessary.-R.]

17 Matt. xix. 24.

18 Matt. xix. 26.

19 Matt. xix. 27-29. [The position of the word "lands" is peculiar; "or wife" is not found here, but occurs in Homily LXIV. 1.-R.]

20 [The following clause is omitted in the translation: "though (or, if) as a whole it seems difficult to them."-R.]

21 [The Greek adds here, kai\ periba/llesqai plei/w, and to possess himself of more.-R.]

22 tw=| lo/gw| poi/hson.

23 Mr. Field cites Stob'us, p. 130, 52, of Bion, and Diog. Laert. vi. 50, of Diogenes the cynic, noting that both say mhtro/polij, not ajkpovpolis. See Adnot. p. 133.

24 1 Tim. vi. 10. [R. V., "a root of all kinds of evil."

1 Matt. xix. 21.

2 Matt. xix. 28.

3 Jer. xviii. 7-10.

4 Gen. ix. 2.

5 Matt. xix. 29 [The citation differs from that in the last Homily. The order here is that of Tischendorf (not of R. V. or rec. text): "or wife" occurs here; "house" is substituted for "houses".-R.]

6 Matt. xii. 27.

7 Matt. xii. 41.

8 2 Tim. ii. 12.

9 Gal. iv. 51.

10 Matt. x. 39.

11 1 Cor. vii. 15.

12 Matt. xix. 30. ["were" is an emendation of the translator. The Greek is that of the rec. text.-R.]

13 Matt. viii. 11, 12.

14 Matt. xx. 1. [This long passage agrees closely with the rec. text. In verses 5, 6, the New Testament narrative is abridged, but there are scarcely any other peculiarities.-R.]

15 kata le/cin.

16 Gal. i. 15.

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