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Early Church Fathers
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17 Gen. xviii. 27.

18 Or. "courts." [stratope/doij; in earlier Greek "camps," but in Byzantine Greek applied to the suite of the Emperor.-R.]

19 Ps. xxii. 6.

20 1 Cor. xv. 9.

1 [ This verse is omitted in the best authoritites, and its position varies in the later Mss. and versions which give it. In this Homily it is placed before our verse 23. It is well attested in Mark xii. 40, and Luke xx.. 47-R.]

2 Matt. xxiii. 13. [See note 1. "Of heaven" is omitted here, but in none of our New Testament authorities.-R.]

3 loimoi/.

4 Matt. xxiii. 15. [R. V., "a son of hell," with the margin, Greek, "Gehenna." ]

5 [R. V., "have left undone."]

6 Matt. xxiii. 23. [R. V., "to have left the others undone.""And cummin" is omttted.-R.]

7 Matt. xxiii. 25, 26. [The minor textual variations appear in the above English rendering.]

8 [Matt. xxiii. 24. R. V., correctly, "strain out the gnat," etc.]

9 [The Oxford edition has "candor," probably a misprint, since the Greek term is suggnw/mhn.-R.]

10 [The clause, "for this we showed before," is omitted by the translator.-R.]

11 Matt. xxiii. 27.

12 Ps v. 9.

13 [polemion o!nta e9autw=| kai\ e9xqro/n.]

14 Ps. cxli. 2.

15 Jer. xxii. 17, LXX .

16 sa/nisi.

17 Gal. iii. 28. [The passage is inexactly cited, the form being altered to correspond with the previous part of the verse. Comp.R.V.-R.]

18 Acts xvi. 15. [Two Mss. have a reading more exactly agreeing with the New Testament text.-R.]

19 Ecclus. xviii. 30.

1 [ There are two variations in the text of verse 29: the omission of "Scribes and Pharisees. hypocrites !" and the substitution of "their" for "of the righteous".-R.]

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