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7 [The Oxford translator renders "Take heed," but o0ra=te is rendered "See" above; so A. V. and R. V.-R]

8 [R. V., "lead you astray."]

9 Matt. xxiv. 7.

10 Matt. xxiv. 8. [R. V., "travail," birth pangs.-R.]

11 Matt. xxiv. 9. [R. V., "unto tribulation."]

12 Matt. xxiv. 9-13. [in verse 9, "all men" is substituted for "all the nations" (tw= e0qnw=n omitted); in verse 11 "many false Christs and" occurs (taken from verse 24). The R. V. represents, in other details, the Greek text of the Homily. in verse 12, "the rnany"is the necessary rendering.-R.]

13 2 Cor. vii. 5.

14 2 Cor. xi. 26.

15 2 Cor. xi. 13.

16 Matt. xxiv. 14. [ "Of the kingdom" omitted.)

17 Rom. x. 18.

18 Col. i. 23.

19 Col. i. 6. [Combined with Col. i. 23.]

20 Col. i. 23.

21 Matt. xxiv. 15. [instead of ou\n the particle de/ (as in Mark and Luke) is found here.]

22 Acts xviii. 2.

23 Ps. cvi. 2.

24 [Only one Ms. insertstw=n pollw=n here. Field rejects it. If accepted, it should be rendered "of the many," as in the R. V. But internal reasons are against it. It would naturally be supplied from the New Testament passage.. Moreover, the briefer reading yields a better sense : "Love shall wax cold, the cause of all these ills."-R.]

25 2 Sam. xii. 7-9.

26 Rom. ii. 12.

27 Rom. ii. 12. [The article does not occur, either here or in the text of the New Testament. R. V., "under law" and "by law."-R.]

28 Heb. x. 28, 29. [The last phrase is altered, as indicated in the above rendering.-R.]

29 Luke xii. 47.

30 Matt. xxi. 32.

31 Luke xiii. 34.

32 Matt. xxiii. 35.

33 Prov. vi. 30. [Most editors supply the remainder of the verse.-R.]

34 Ezek. xvi. 20, 21. LXX.

35 1 Sam. ii. 25. [LXX. The Hebrew differs: for the clause "they shall pray for him," the R. V. has, "God shall judge him."-R.]

36 Ezek. v.7.

37 Ezek. xvi. 51. [First half freely cited.]

38 Matt. xi. 21, 22.

39 Rom. ii. 5.

1 [in minor details the Greek text agrees with the received against that of our oldest Mss. authorities.-R.]

2 Matt. xxiv. 19.

3 Matt. xxiv. 20, 21.

4 [There is a curious variation in the Greek text here. Our best New Testament Mss. reads sabba/tw| above the Homily has , but here e0n sabba/tw|, without any preposition.-R.]

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