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Early Church Fathers
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5 Matt. xxiv. 22. [R. V., "And except those days bad been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but,"etc.]

6 [R. V., "to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. Behold, I have told you beforehand."]

7 Matt. xxiv. 23-28. [The citation is in verbal agreement with the received text.-R.]

8 Matt. xxiv. 29.

9 Matt. iii. 1. See the comment on that place.

10 Matt. xxiv. 11.

11 Matt. xxiv. 24.

12 2 Thess. ii. 9, 10.

13 Matt. xxiv. 27, 28.

14 Matt. xxiv. 29.

15 Job xxxviii. 7, LXX. [The LXX. is accurately cited. At this point there is a great variation in the readings of the Mss. of the Homolies, which may be due to the variation from the Hebrew.-R.]

16 Matt. xxiv. 30.

17 meta\ lamprou= tou=sxh/matoj.

18 Matt. xxiv. 30.

19 [So Tischendorf, and R. V. margin.-R.]

20 Matt. xxiv. 31.

21 Matt. xxii. 39.

22 1 Thess. iv. 16.

23 diatrw\gein.

24 pagkra/tia.

25 oikei/wj e!xe.

26 1 Cor. ix. 26.

27 Gal. ii. 2.

28 Eccl. i. 2.

29 See On Stat. Hom. III. p. 59,a badge of military rank.

1 [R. V., "Now from the fig-tree learn her parable: when her branch is now become tender, and putteth forth its leaves, ye know that the summer is nigh ; even so ye also, when ye see all these things. know ye that he (or, it) is nigh, even at the doors "]

2 [The comment seems to imply a preference for the interpretation: "it is nigh," i. e., the day of the Lord's coming.-R.]

3 John xii. 24.

4 [A clause is omitted here : "reasoning with the Corinthians about the resurrection.-R."]

5 1 Cor. xv. 36.

6 Matt. xxiv. 34. [R. V., "pass away" and "accomplished."]

7 Ps. xxiv. 6.

8 Matt. xxiv. 6.

9 Matt. xxiv. 14.

10 Matt. xxiv. 35.

11 [R.V., "no man, not even the angels of heaven.".]

12 Matt. xxiv. 36. Comp. Mark xiii. 32. [The received text (and A. V.) omit "neither the Son" in Matthew, but not in Mark. The R. V., with our best Mss., inserts the phrase in Matthew. The Fathers vary, but Chrysostom accepts it and comments upon it. Still the last clause, as given above, agrees exactly with Mark xiii. 32, and differs from Matt. xxiv. 36.-R.]

13 Acts i. 7. [R. V., "set within his own authority."]

14 1 Cor. 11. 10.

15 John i. 3. [Literally rendered.]

16 ai0w=naj.

17 Arians [The word ou0si/an, here used, was the current term in the Arian controversy.-R.]

18 Col. ii. 3.

19 Matt. xxiv. 38, 39. [The passage is abridged.]

20 1 Thess. v. 3.

21 kaqoliko/n.

22 Matt. xxiv. 40-42. [The citation agrees with the received text, except in the omission of the articles in verse 40. R. V., "is taken,"" is left," in verses 40, 41.-R.]

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