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Early Church Fathers
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19 Rom. ix. 20. [R. V., "Why didst thou make me thus?"]

20 Matt. xxv. 25.

21 [A sentence is omitted here : "On this account, therefore, he also calls Him `Rabbi 0' "-R.]

22 John xiii. 27.

23 John xiii. 2. [The Greek text of the citations begins with the words, dei/pnou genome/nou, "supper being ended" (A.V.). But the better attested text reads ginome/nou, "during supper," (R. V.). The clause is omitted by the translator, for what reason does not appear.-R ]

24 Exod. xii. 11.

25 Luke xxii. 15.

26 Matt. xxvi. 15.

27 Ps. lvii. 4.

28 Matt. xxiii. 25, and comp. verse 27.

29 Matt. xxv. 42.

30 Luke xvi. 26. [Freely cited.]

31 Matt. xxv. 41.

1 [eu0xaristh/saj (from verse 27) is substituted for eu0logh/saj; and e!dwken (from the same verse) for e0di/dou (rec. text) or dou/j, of the move ancient authorities.-R.]

2 [The text agrees exactly with the received ; except in the substitution of u9pe/r for peri/. The R. V. following the older aothorities, omits "new," also rendering diaqh/khj "covenant" in the text.-R.]

3 [frikwdesta/thj, "most awful ;" literally, "most terrifying," but applied to religious awe.-R.]

4 Luke xxii. 3; see also John xiii. 27.

5 Exod. xii. 14.

6 See 1 Cor. xi. 26, and St. Chrys. on the place, Hom. XXVII. on 1 Cor., where he attributes the words "until He come," expressly to St. Paul. Various early writers attribute them to our Lord.

7 Luke xxii. 15.

8 John vi. 60, 61, 66.

9 Matt. xxvi. 29. [The word "henceforth" is omitted; "this" is joined with "vine," and "new" is in a different position in the Greek.. All these are variations from the received text, which is also followed in the R. V.-R.]

10 ei0j me/son.

11 Acts x. 41.

12 Matt. xxvi. 30.

13 ai0sqhth/n.

14 Matt. xxvi. 31.

15 See Zech. xiii. 7. [The words "of the flock" are omitted, as in Mark xiv. 27. They do not occur in the passage in Zechariah.-R.]

16 oi0konomi/a.

17 Matt. xxvi. 32. [R. V., "am raised up."]

18 Matt. xxvi. 33. [The word a0lla/ is inserted, as in Mark xiv. 29.-R.]

19 Matt. xvi. 22.

20 Gal. vi. 4. [R. V., "glorying."]

21 Luke xxii. 32. [R. V., "made supplication."]

22 Luke xxii. 31. [R. V., "Satan asked ;" margin "Or, obtained you by asking."]

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