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23 [The preposition is omitted from the Greek text.-R.]

24 Matt. xxvi. 34, 35. [R. V., "If I must die with thee, yet will I not deny thee." ]

1 [The only variation of text is the substitution of kai/ for to/te, at the beginoing of verse 38. The R. V. renders, "sorrowful and sore troubled," and "abide" instead of "tarry."-R.]

2 Matt. xxvi. 39-41. [The first part of verse 39 is abridged, and in 40 "them" is substituted for "the disciples." The remainder of the passage is in verbal agreement with the received text.-R.]

3 Matt. xxvi. 36.

4 Comp. Mark xiv. 37.

5 Matt. xxvi. 42. [The word "cup" is omitted as in R. V., but "from me" is retained as in the received text.-R.]

6 Matt. xxvi. 43. [R. V., "sleeping;" "again" is omitted.

7 Gen. xli. 32.

8 oi0konomi/a.

9 Matt. xxvi. 45.

10 Matt. xxvi. 46.

11 Matt. xxvi. 47.

12 Matt. xxvi. 48. [R. V., "take him."]

13 John xviii. 4.

14 Matt. xxvi. 50. [The Greek text in the Homily is e0f0 w[ pa/rei ; but there is some authority for e0f0 o$ pa/rei; which is abundantly attested in the New Testament passage. The latter reading is accepted in the R. V., "Friend, do that for which thou art come."-R.]

15 Luke xxii. 48.

16 Ecclus. xx. 4, xxx. 20.

17 Eccles. ii. 13.

18 Luke xix. 8. [Altered, as in previous citations.-R.]

1 [R. V., "Or thinkest."]

2 [R. V., "even now."]

3 [The citation is very accurate; the only variation is the omission of mou after pate/ra.-R.]

4 John xviii. 10.

5 Luke xxii. 35-38. [On the renderings of verse 36, see R. V. The text of the Homily admits of either interpretation, but the comment favors the rendering given in the text of the R. V.-R.]

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