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19 [The words "and elders" are omitted, though Tischendorf cites Chrysostom otherwise.-R.]

20 [R. V., "into the sanctuary," accepting the reading given in the Homily.-R.]

21 Matt. xxvii. 3-5. [R. V., "and he went away," etc.]

22 John xix. 21.

23 Matt. xxvii. 64. [Abridged.]

24 o9 dorufai=oj.

25 Matt. xxvii. 5. [See notes on the previous citation of this verse.-R.]

26 Matt. xxvii. 5. [The only textual peculiarities are, the substitution of kai\ for de/, at the beginning of verse 7 ; and the omission of a clause in verse 9, as indicated above.-R.]

27 Mal. ii. 13.

28 Exod. xxii. 1.

29 Luke xiii. 4, 5. [Freely cited.]

30 Matt. xxv. 42.

31 i. e., the sum of all the congregations in Antioch.

32 Matt. xix. 21. [Abridged.]

1 [The article is omitted before "elders," as in the best New Testament Mss. in all other details the agreement with the received text is,exact.-R.]

2 Acts xvii. 7.

3 John xviii. 36.

4 Matt. xxii. 17.

5 John vi. 15.

6 Isa. liii. 8, LXX., See margin of our version.

7 Matt. xxvii. 19. [The word "these" is peculiar to this citation.-R.]

8 Matt. xxvii. 19. [The readings e!pemyefor a0pe/steilen, and tou/tw|for e0keinw, are peculiar. R. V., "And while he was sitting on the," etc.-R.]

9 John xix. 11. [ "delivereth" is preferable, since the reference is not necessarily to Judas. Similarly in R. V.-R.]

10 Matt. xxvii. 20. [R. V., "ask for;" but the form of the verb in the Homily is peculiar.-R.]

11 Matt. xxvii. 22. [Abridged, but given in full in some editions of the Homily.-R.]

12 Matt. xxvii. 22-24. [Abridged. R. V., "prevailed nothing."-R.]

13 Acts xxi.

14 i. e., the Jewish rulers ; Mr. Field has observed in his note on this passage, that oi9 0Ioudai=oi is thus used, especially in St. John's Gospel.

15 Matt. xxvii. 25.

16 Acts xxi. 20. [The R. V. accepts a different reading; but "which have believed" is the more accurate rendering of the received text.-R.]

17 Matt. xxvii. 26. [R. V., "he scourged and delivered to be crucified."-R.]

18 John xviii. 31.

19 pro\j to\ oi/kei=on qau=ma.

20 Cf. 1 Sam. xiii. 12; and xxviii. 15.

21 1 Cor. vii. 10.

22 1 Cor. vii. 5.

23 2 Cor. ii. 7.

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