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Early Church Fathers
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24 2 Cor. ii. 10, 11.

25 Matt. v.22.

26 Matt. v. 28.

27 Matt. xii. 36.

28 Job i. 5.

29 Jer. viii. 4.

1 Geeek "Prtorium;" comp. Mark xv. 16, A. V.-R.]

2 [The Greek text, as given by Field, agrees throughout with the received.-R.]

3 e0xo/remen.

4 Matt. xxvii. 25.

5 Matt. xxvii. 31. [h!gagon for a0ph/gagon.]

6 John xix. 30.

7 Ps. lxix. 21.

8 Matt. xxvii. 40.

9 John xix. 22.

10 Matt. xxvii. 42.

11 Matt. xxvii. 43. [in the citations from verses 40-43, the exact order is not preserved, but the only textual variation is in the clause, "let Him save Him," which does not occur in the Gospels. "If" is read, with the received text, in verse 42 .-R.]

12 Luke xxiii. 40.

1 [In verse 46, e!kraceu is substituted for a!ebo/hsen, and kai ei[ipen; for le0gwn; as indicated above, limav is the form given. In other respects the agreement with the received text is exact.-R.]

2 Matt. xii. 39.

3 John viii. 28.

4 Or, "His".

5 Matt. xxvii. 46.

6 Ps. xxii. 1

7 Matt. xxvii. 48.

8 John xix. 34. [This occurred later, as the next sentence seems to suggest. But in some New Testament Mss., the incident is interpolated at this point in Matthew Chrysostom may have referred to it as belonging to this Gospel. See Tischendorf in loco, Westcott and Hort, vol. ii., Notes on Select Readings.-R.]

9 Matt. xxvii. 50. [The word "again" is omitted. R.V., "yielded up His Spirit".-R.]

10 John x. 18.

11 Mark xv. 44.

12 Mark xv. 39.

13 John ii. 16.

14 2 Kings xiii. 21.

15 [The words in italics have no equivalent in the Greek.-R.]

16 Matt. xxvii. 42.

17 Matt. xxvii. 40.

18 Matt.. xxvii. 42.

19 Matt. xxvii. 52, 53. [Slightly abridged, and with a few minor variations, not appearing in one New Testament Mss.-R.]

20 Luke xxiii 47 48.

21 Matt xxvii. 55, 56. [There are three omissions: a0po/ before makro/qen, tw=| 0Ihsou= th=j Galilai/aj, and e0n ai[j h\n.-R.]

22 In Homily V. 4, he maintains her perpetual virginity; "how then, you will say, are James and others called His brethren? In the same way as Joseph himself too was considered the Husband of Mary." This is at least consistent with the explanation given in the spurious Homilies "on the Annunciation," Ben. t. ii. p. 797. And "on the women bearing spices" t. ii. p. 159, Appendix, that she was the step-mother of James. Theodoret, on Gal. l. 19, rejects this view and makes them sons of Cleopas by her sister.

23 Luke xxii. 48.

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