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Early Church Fathers
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24 Matt.. xxvii. 57, 58. [R. V., "asked for." The reading h!|tei is peculiar here.-R.]

25 Matt. xxvii. 61. [R. V., "And Mary Magdalene was there," etc.]

26 Acts ix. 4.

27 Matt. xxv. 45. [Abridged.]

28 ta\ par0 e9autw=n.

1 [o#ti is inserted at this point (but not in the subsequent citation). There are no other variations. R. V., "Now on the morrow which is the day after the Preparation, the chief priests and the Pharisees were gathered together," ete.-R.]

2 [R. V. omits "will."]

3 [R. V., "will be."]

4 Not to the Jews, for it was often plainly declared to the disciples, as St. Chrysostom himself observes a little further on.

5 Matt. xxvii. 65, 66. [The only peculiarity is indicated in the above rendering; for "made the sepulchre sure, sealing the stone." R. V., "guard" for "watch," and "the guard being with them."-R.]

6 Exod. xvi. 29.

7 r9oph=j.

8 [R. V., "Now late on the Sabbath day. "]

9 [The only textual variation is the addition of tou= mnhmei/ou.

10 Chap. xxviii. 1-3.

11 [ei\don, saw, i. e., when He was buried.-R.]

12 Matt. xxvii. 5. [The emphatic u9mei=j occurs in the Greek of the New Testament passage.-R.]

13 [to\n e0staurwme/non.]

14 Matt. xxvii. 6.

15 [This agrees with the reading of the two oldest New Testament Mss. So R. V. margin.-R.]

16 Matt. xxvii. 7. [Abridged.]

17 Matt. xxvii. 8. [The word "great" is omitted.-R.]

18 Matt. xxviii. 9. [R. V. "took hold of his feet.".]

19 Matt. xxviii. 10. [R. V. "that they depart".]

20 Matt. xxv. 34.

21 Isa. iii. 16, 24 [LXX.]

22 1 Tim. ii. 9.

23 ei0sagwgai.

24 [The Oxford translator inserts here "hence the jealousies," but there is no corresponding phrase in the Greek text.-R.]

1 [R. V., "come to pass."]2.

2 [R. V., "and rid you of care," The entire passage is in verbal agreement with the received text.-R.]3.

3 Matt. xxvii. 64.

4 Matt. xxviii. 15. [R. V., "was spread abroad". The phrase "among the Jews" is omitted, and h9me/raj is added, an in the Vatican Ms., and Vulgate.-R.]2.

5 Matt. xxviii. 16, 17. [The citation is abridged and altered.-R.]3.

6 Matt. xxviii. 18. [The citation is accurate. R. V., "All authority bath been given," etc.]

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