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Early Church Fathers
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1 B. and a Venice ms. read pistw=\n. Edd. pisth\n, which applies to the household as one.

2 pa/ntwn e#/neken. The phrase occurs again in a few lines, where it is translated, "on every account."

3 qaumasto\j as before.

4 B. and Ven. here add, "And on this score forgive him everything. And so much for the argument. Now let us proceed to the solution of the questions. Inasmuch as some venture to say," &c. and presently, "For I say not only this, that it was proper,...but add this also, that I wish."

5 He means in the Canon, as before by the word "annexed."

6 So B. and Ven. Edd. "where they sat and when they walked."

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