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17 e0ubateuwn.

18 logismo\n.

19 al. "for the present."

20 i.e. with the foxes and birds.

21 al. "the door."

22 pa/rerga.

23 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "and David also glances at this, saying."

24 e0cithlon.

25 dei/lhn.

26 nautiw=men.

27 u9pografa\j.

28 mala/ttesqai.

1 e0ndeh\j.

2 au0ta/rkhj.

3 Ben. Morel. and ms. in Bodl. read the passage thus: "For this cause also marriage is arranged, in order that what is wanting," &c.

4 kaqa/per ou\n kai\ qnhth\n genome/nhn. Ben. and ms. in Bodl. read, w9j au!thn e!xein kai q. g..

5 ei0likrinou=j.

6 al. "shared."

7 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "conversed with them, when they straightway followed and abode with Him."

8 Ben. Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "he showed hence, for he both establishes the wisdom," &c.

9 a!nwqen.

10 w0dinou/shj.

11 al. "has appeared."

12 Anointed one.

13 e0kei=non.

14 to\ tuxo/n.

15 i.e. those mentioned above, v. 40, who were present when St. John Baptist gave his testimony, one of whom was Andrew.

16 al. "consider."

17 al. "reproving with earnestness."

18 au0qenti/aj.

19 al. "And I say unto thee, `Thou art Simon, thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation a stone. 0' "

20 o#per dh/pou kai\ 9Hli/aj pepoi/hke, and there are no various readings. Savile has in the margin o#per ou\n kai\ 9Hli/a. We may venture to read "h9 Lei/a," as he praises her for this, Hom. lvi. on Genesis. "Observe how she gave names to those she bore, not lightly nor at random."

21 a!nwqen.

22 e0pidi/donai.

23 al. "the being called."

24 al. "more ready."

25 al. "consider at least."

26 a0fi/hmi.

27 al. "to use."

28 xrh/mata.

29 al. "more."

1 panti\ tw=| merimnw=nti e@nesti perisso/n. In the next sentence Morel. Ben. and most mss. read o@qen kai\ e@peisi/ moi. Savile o@q. ou0de\ e@p. m.. which seems the better reading.

2 memerinhme/nhn.

3 a0kribh\j.

4 or, "rule."

5 al. "this."

6 prooimi/wn.

7 eu0toni/an.

8 bebh/kota.

9 w9j a@nqrwpon e0ch/taze/n. So Morel. and mss. in Bodleian. Savile and the Bened. read w9j a@nqrwpoj , "he enquired as a man."

10 a@nwqen.

11 e0pieikei/an.

12 One ms. reads, ou0 ga\r ei!pen, a!nwqe/n se oi\da, kai\ to\n tro/pon, kai\ th\n e0p.

13 i@na ma/qh|. Savile conjectures i@na ma/qh|j, but without authority.

14 pro/r0r9hsin.

15 a0kribeian.

16 Ben. Conj. kalou=nti for kalw=n tij. "But if he mind not when he calls."

17 a@riston.

18 proaire/sei.

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