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1 Morel. and ms. in Bodleian read the passage thus: polloi\ tw=n a0naginwsko/ntwn to\ r9hto\n tou=to diaporou=ntej fa/si: ti/ dhpote Pe/troj k.t.l.

2 al. "led forward."

3 Matt. xiii. 24, 25, slightly varying from G. T.

4 The reading is different in G. T.

5 al. "and all that took place after His birth."

6 This is the common reading, but the passage (Luke ii. 51) is not so found in G. T.; Morel. and ms. in Bodleian read: tou=to kai/ o9 Louka=j h9mi=n dei/knusi le/gwn : h9 de\ Maria\m suneth/rei ta\ r9h/mata pa/nta sumba/llousa e0n th=| k.

7 i.e. as she spoke at the marriage.

8 sfodro/teron.

9 lit. "hanging on the hearing."

10 [and tiresome] Morel.

11 a0kou/ontej to\n lo/gon tou= Qeou=, G. T.

12 or "next to," meta; with acc.

13 [the Virgin] Morel. and ms.

14 Despo/sunoi, Eus. H. E. 1. 7.

15 al. "relationship."

16 lit. "Greeks."

1 komw=nta.

2 al. "our."

3 lit. "numb," al. "be weary."

4 ou0dei\j e0pi/asen au0to/n, G. T.

5 Ben. Morel. and ms. in Bodl. read: a0lla\ dia\ tw=n ou@twj ei0rhme/nwn tou=to dhlw=sai k.t.l.

6 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. read: a0lla\ 'Iwa/nnhj e0ntau=qa to\ Ou@pw h@kei h9 w#ra mou ei0sa/gei to\n Xristo\n le/gonta deiknu\j o@ti k.t.l.

7 al. "beside."

8 This passage is wanting in the ms. in Bodleian.

9 balei=n, G. T.

10 al. "wisely."

11 a9plw=j.

12 e0pir0r9i/ptein.

13 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. read: di' o9 kai\ th\n u9pakoh\n a0naba/lletai.

14 lit. "clips round."

15 u9pokeime/nwn.

16 al. "impeach."

17 a0ntila/besqai.

18 diakoni/an.

19 al. "examined."

20 lit. "showed."

21 lit. "flowing away."

22 diar0r9ei=n.

23 to\ e0pestumme/non, "astringency."

24 diaspw/menoj.

25 lit. "has burst his stomach.'"

26 xorhgi/an.

27 a0pocu/ei, "abrades."

28 lith;.

29 lit. "children of phys."

30 e0ndei/a.

1 a0formh=j.

2 or "sacred enclosure," shkw=.

3 al. "words."

4 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. read the passage thus: kinw=, pa=sin a0nqrw/poij o9moi/wj a0rmo/zonta, kai\ pa=sin e0pith/deion pa/qesin.

5 polueidh\j.

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