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22 al. "dreadful darkness."

23 e0mpaqh=.

24 lh/mhj.

25 lit. "with."

26 neu=ra.

1 a0podi/dwsi.

2 al. [by you].

3 diacainomen

4 lit. "things in heaven."

5 a0yi=daj.

6 i.e. unbaptized.

7 a0po/fasij.

8 su/mbolon.

9 or, "which is below."

10 al. "this."

11 i.e. submit to the teaching of faith concerning them.

12 diestra/fh.

13 kata\ ta\ ei0rhme/na. This seems to be the best reading, and is found in Morel. Ben. and mss. Savile reads the passage thus: to\ sw=ma\\\ ta\ ei0rhme/na logismw=| me\n eu0rei=n, k.t.l..

14 para;.

15 u9pekei=to stoixei=on .

16 to\ pa=n, i.e. the fabric of the human body.

17 i.e. the new man.

18 o9 telw=n ei0j to\ sw=ma.

19 h#nwse.

20 di/aitan.

21 ai0w\n.

22 al. "were the first-fruits of."

23 katasta/sewj.

24 e0fi/kesqai.

25 paxu/tata.

26 nohth=j.

27 gennh/sewj.

28 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "but if it is impossible to reply to these questions, how shall it not be more impossible to speak concerning the unseen and far higher Generation? or rather, how is it not superfluous to demand reasons "&c.

29 loxei/aj.

30 al. "of Christ."

31 a0nagkai/a kai\ a0parai/thtoj.

32 [as it is allowed me from above] Morel.

33 qei=a telei=tai e0n au0tw=| su/mbola . So in Euseb. Hist. Ecc. x. 3. Baptism is said to be swthri/ou pa/qouj a0po/r0r9hta su/mbola. See also Rufinus. de Constant. 9. 9.

34 Morel. "having been immersed below, is hidden wholly once for all." [The whole passage is important for the patristic view of the mode of baptism.-P. S.]

35 pa/lin.

36 politei/an.

37 al. "the delight."

38 i.e. "were we twins."

39 u9perori/aj.

40 i.e. unbaptized.

41 a0pothganizome/nh|.

1 al. "precious."

2 trufh\n.

3 kataskeuh;.

4 or, "begotten."

5 or. "begotten."

6 ou0sian.

7 or, "from above."

8 fwnh\n.

9 or, "spirit."

10 lit "of bloods," as in c. i. 13.

11 tro/poi.

12 ou0 lamba/nete, G. T.

13 or, "begotten."

14 lit. "shouting."

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