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Early Church Fathers
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1 dia/qesin.

2 'Ioudai/ou tino/j. This reading is found in the Complut. and in most of the Greek commentators: the plural in G. T., Vulgate, and Latin writers.

3 parakni/zein.

4 Morel. "but he speaks in a manner reservedly."

5 e\xarisa/mhn.

6 c. i. 27.

7 al. "implied."

8 or "affairs."

9 So Savile and mss. Morel.'s reading has the same sense, but is less clear and concise.

10 or, "obey."

11 i.e. "if they believed not."

12 al. "vainglory."

13 Ben. "so does it everywhere extend."

14 a0ci/an.

15 al. "of men."

1 o@sa e0pa/|dei.

2 e0pantlei=, lit. "foments."

3 a@nw kai\ ka/tw stre/fete.

4 o$ e9w/r. kai\ h@k. tou=to m. G. T.

5 i.e. the credibility of Christ.

6 e0gnw/risa u9mi=n, G. T.

7 marturou=men, G. T.

8 or, "at the comm. of the Gospel."

9 tou= Qeou= lo/gou.

10 or, "he."

11 a0teleste/rwn.

12 ou0de\ o@nar mete/xontaj, al. ou@dena lo/gon poioume/nouj.

13 a0pologh/somai.

14 eu0doki/mhsin.

1 lit. "condescension."

2 diakratou=men.

3 [e0a\n mh\ h[| ded. au0tw=|.] G. T.

4 a@nwqen, G. T.

5 al. "of the mention of punishment."

6 i.e. believing.

7 lit. "sits upon."

8 w0qw=n.

9 o9 Ku/rioj, G. T.

10 lit. "cut out."

11 th=j u9per h9mw=n swt..

12 oi0konomw=n ta\ a0nqrw/pina.

13 i.e. without an object, a9plw=j.

14 or, "became."

15 [ou0k a0pesta/lhn] G. T.

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