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1 not in G. T.

2 al. "inquisitive."

3 al. "being destitute of."

4 al. "and promised all those things so as to draw them to Himself."

5 al. "they often."

6 al. "veiling."

7 al. "whom also He putteth."

8 al. "ought ye to do this."

9 al. "enviousness."

10 al. "kindness, saying."

11 al. "wickedness."

12 a0nade/xesqai.

13 or, "to take on them such hostility as they would have incurred by following Him."

14 e0keinoj.

15 or, "before Me."

16 al. "accuse."

17 al. "profess."

18 Not in all copies.

19 Not found in so many words. The command is given with this test, Deut. xviii. 18-22; see also Deut. xiii. 1.

20 al "more horrible."

21 al. "to enquire even if He held His peace."

22 sofi/aj.

23 a0gnw/mwn.

1 ei0j ta\ me/rh, not in G. T.

2 au0tou=, G. T.

3 a0ph=lqe [a0nh=l.] G. T.

4 [h9 e9orth\ tw=n 'I.] G. T.

5 al. "be content."

6 e0ntetame/non, al. diat.

7 Ben. "wherefore also."

8 al. "dost thou."

9 al. "this kind of following belongs not to a settled mind."

10 Not exactly quoted from 1 Cor. xiv. 22, where the words relate the gift of tongues.

11 al. "was not such."

12 th=j e0n me/sw|.

13 a0nable/yaj toi=j o0fqalmoi=j o9ra= o@xlon polu/n. In G. T. the words are: e0pa/raj ou\n o9 'Ihsou=j tou\j o0fqalmou\j, kai\ qeasa/menoj o@ti polu\j o@xloj e@rxetai pro\j au0to/n.

14 a9plw=j.

15 al. "teaching."

16 Ben. Ed. reads: ou[ ma/lista kai\ e0nteu=qen th\n khdemoni/an e@sti maqei=n.

17 e0r0r9u/qmizen.

18 Ben. "and see what he saith."

19 In G. T. po/qen a0gora/somen a@rtouj i@na e@rxetai, k.t.l.

20 a0qro/on.

21 pri\n gene/sewj, Hist. Susann. ver. 42.

22 Ps. vii. 9, or St. Paul, Rom. viii. 27.

23 al. "expels."

24 i.e. the Equality of The Son with The Father.

25 gnwmh\n.

26 yh=fon.

27 Simw=noj Pe/trou, G. T.

28 al. "for I think that the miracles of the Prophets had entered his mind."

29 al. "farther."

30 al. "hence."

31 [of that which is set on.] Morel. and Ben.

32 phgasai.

33 See note, p. 30.

34 In Ben. the reading is: "for when the loaves had not yet appeared, He doth the miracle." This looks like the gloss of a transcriber, surprised at the suspension of the sense.

35 al. "when."

36 al. "before the miracle."

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