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Early Church Fathers
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24 al. "Is not this."

25 diaqesewj.

26 al. "for what is to come."

27 protreptikh;.

28 gnw/mh|.

29 e0fo/dia ge/gone.

30 al. "vengeance."

31 lit. "throttle."

1 ou@ ga\r ei\xen e0cousi/an.

2 al. "they are not riddles, God forbid! but this may be said, that," &c.

3 p. 30.

4 p. 30.

5 al. "both."

6 al. "when he showed Him sitting."

7 "The Passover was nigh," c. vi. 4.

8 al. "to be followed."

9 al. "we have often heard."

10 al. "what a word of unbelief, spake they, exhorting."

11 al. "was fitting."

12 al. "bitterness."

13 al. "deliberate choice."

14 "one of another," N. T.

15 al. "desiring their company and honor."

16 kaqa/pac.

17 au/tou\j e0ph/rwse.

18 al. "He would have displayed greater signs of the Godhead, and revealed It in greater degree."

19 al. "at once a dispensation and a confidence."

20 al. "cut up."

21 al. "to it."

22 al. "laugh at."

23 al. "so also do ye; if rather."

24 al. "unbearable."

1 al. "but secretly."

2 lit. "dispensed."

3 lit. "economize somewhat."

4 al. "were eager."

5 al. "it behooved."

6 al. "besides, because."

7 sfadazo/ntwn, al. a0kmazo/ntwn.

8 "at the feast," N. T.

9 al. "they were always eager for murder, and by means of these (feasts) desired to catch Him."

10 or, "directly after."

11 al. "were eager."

12 al. "and at the same time."

13 al. "showed."

14 al. "opinion."

15 al. "which thing is especially characteristic of the multitude.'"

16 "into the Temple." N. T.

17 al. "they who seek Him and say."

18 al. "was wicked."

19 xala/saj, al. xaunw/saj.

20 lit. "took."

21 al. "knoweth he."

22 al. "reveal."

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