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Early Church Fathers
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10 "as saith the Scripture," ver. 38.

11 not verbally quoted.

12 ver. 12.

13 al. "not well ordered."

14 al. "bringing up."

15 al. "disputed."

16 or, "hinder."

17 al. "the heavens."

18 al. "hope of p."

19 or, "display."

1 "Hath any," N. T.

2 "or of the Pharisees," N. T.

3 "this," N. T.

4 al. "your."

5 w0|keiou=nto.

6 The history of the woman taken in adultery is omitted by St. Chrysostom, and all the Greek commentators.

7 S. C. seems to refer to c. vii. 28. "Then cried Jesus in the Temple," &c.

8 i.e. the Pharisees.

9 #Oper fqa/saj ei\pe, according to Savile's conjecture and a Vatican ms. The common reading is ei\pon.

10 prohgoume/nwj.

11 e0qelokakei=te.

12 Ben. "just."

13 Ben. omits "and."

14 au0qenti/an.

15 Sav. "judgest."

1 i.e. at the Crucifixion.

2 al. "must have."

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