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Early Church Fathers
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38 al. "lawlessness."

39 al. "are not even ashamed at what takes place at the theaters, but raise."

40 al. "alms-deeds."

41 bi/on.

42 al. "that thou wilt rather have required of thee the husbandry of time than any other thing."

43 al. "an artist."

44 i.e. in the theater.

45 al. "or rather, both to us and."

1 lit. "to."

2 i.e. before revealing Himself.

3 me/swj, al. me/soj.

4 not in G. T.

5 "And some of the Pharisees which were with Him heard these words, and said unto Him," N. T.

6 "ye say, We see, therefore your sin remaineth," N. T.

7 or, "unlawful."

8 or, "It saith."

9 "and leadeth then out," N. T.

10 "Hath any," N. T.

11 ver. 4. "for they know his voice. and," N. T.

12 tu/rannoi, assuming royalty.

13 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am," &c., N. T.

14 "he shall be saved, and," &c., N. T.

15 or, "power over them."

16 perisso\n e@xwsi. E. V. "have (it) more abundantly."

17 "good shepherd."

18 "life for the sheep."

19 "them, and scattereth the sheep," N. T.

20 nohto\n.

21 "your," N. T.

22 "I give you power to tread," N. T.

23 lit. "low birth."

24 al. "with whom to the Father and the Holy Ghost be glory."

1 al. "O."

2 yuxh\n.

3 zwh\n.

4 Ben. "I."

5 "who the Son is," &c., N. T.

6 "and there shall be one fold, one shepherd," N. T.

7 al. "Which Paul also himself."

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