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Early Church Fathers
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1 th\n me/llousan.

2 tou= me/llontoj.

3 S. B. add kai\ kate/sthsaj au0to\n e0pi\ ta\ e@rga tw=n xeirw=n sou. This clause is omitted from the text of the Epistle by critical editors of the New Testament, and is not commented on by St. Chrysostom. [It is bracketed by Lu., Tr., W. H., and the Basle ed., but retained in the Revision.-F. G.]

4 to\ e0c h9mw=n.

5 or, "for a short time."

6 di' ou[, see above, note 4, p. 366.

7 suffering perfects and works salvation.

8 e0c e9no\j.

9 to\ me/son.

10 This citation is connected with "they are of one," the intervening words, "Then again...salvation," being introduced parenthetically.

11 to\ me/son.

12 Cf. St. Iren. pp. 450, 482, 497, O. T.

13 i.e. the Incarnation. [oi0konomi/a is not so much the Incarnation as the whole arrangement of the Christian dispensation-here with especial reference to Christ's death.-F. G.]

14 muri/a filosofei=n.

15 The word includes the ideas of being patient, as well as of thinking and speaking deep things.

16 biwtika\j.

17 kosmikai=j kai\ kosmikoi=j.

18 a@llwj.

19 The hired wailers were heathens and not present: St Chrys. hints at having some corporal punishment inflicted on them.

1 marg. of E. V.

2 kataskeu/asaj.

3 poih/saj. Referring to what is implied in ver. 2, that Moses was faithful to Him that made him.

4 o#qen.

5 St. Chrys. had mentioned hills (bounoi;) as called to witness by God: in the verse preceding this (Mic. vi. 1) occur the words, "let the hills hear Thy voice"; and this verse itself runs, "Hear ye hills" (bounoi;) according to the Alexandrine mss. of the LXX. or "ye mountains" (o@rh according to the Vatican), "the judgment of the Lord, and ye ravines," &c.

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