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7 i.e. Moses.

8 There are two points of superiority over Moses implied in the words "that is passed into the Heavens." 1. That Christ entered into the rest which He promised His people, while Moses did not. 2. That that rest is Heaven, not the earthly Canaan.

9 o9mologi/a used of the Creed [and more generally of the profession of a Christian.-F. G.].

10 paraplhsi/wj.

11 The words of Rom. viii. 3, to which St. Chrys. alludes, are "God sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh," &c.

12 to/te, "at the Day of Judgment," opposed to "now." "in this life"; as e0kei=, "there," "yonder," is the usual expression for the future state, opposed to e0ntau=qa, "here," "in this world."

13 "The throne of grace," as he has said, is that of Christ, on which He sits at the right hand of the Father.

14 The Arians maintained that our Lord was Priest in His Divine Nature antecedent to the Incarnation. See the Oxford translation of St. Athanasius against Arianism p. 292, note m. [add p. 267. note l.; cf also S. Cyril, Book 3 against Nestorius].

15 h0skh/samen.

16 [h9 grafh/, the same form of quotation as in the case of the canonical Scriptures.-F. G.]

17 that is, if he have fallen into sin in this respect.

1 metriopaqei=n.

2 fantastiko\n.

3 c. iii. 7, &c.

4 h9 kata\ su/gkrisin.

5 (St. Chrys. has not drawn attention to the nice distinction between metriopaqei\n equal "to bear reasonably with," applied to the earthly High Priest, and sumpaqei\n equal "to sympathize with," applied to Christ.--F. G.]

6 qerapeu/ei.

7 Heretics who denied the reality of our Lord's human nature.

8 tina. The common editions have ti/na, "that one teach you which be," &c., as is read in the received version of the Epistle, where Lachman adopts the reading ti/na.

9 "the elements of the beginning."

10 That is, he took care to provide against being understood to refer to His Divine Nature, when he said lowly things concerning Christ.

11 The allowing the observances of the law, as well as the dwelling thus on the human characteristics of our Lord, were suited for the beginners, but would be injurious to us.

12 prosi/statai. Said of that which cannot be digested or causes nausea.

13 a!kron kai\ h0kribwme/non.

14 teleio/thj.

15 e0c a0metri/aj.

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