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Early Church Fathers
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11 e0ce/sth.

12 "is preferred," E. V.

13 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "for thus Paul speaks of the saints concerning whom he writes, `of whom, 0' etc."

14 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "boldly speaking out, (a0pauqadiazome/nouj,) say that, &c."

15 Ecclus. x. 12, LXX. a0nqrw/pou a0fistame/nou a0po\ tou= K. Eng. ver. "when one departeth."

16 par0r9hsi/aj.

17 or, "received them before."

18 al. "pass them on."

19 a@qroon.

20 a0lhqei=j diaqh/kai.

1 al. "how then doth he this? adding and saying."

2 al. "to redeem."

3 a0po/fasin.

4 or, "of any other man."

5 xorhgi/a.

6 sunexw=j.

7 e!pelkon.

8 eu0gnwmone/steron.

9 al. "were thought worthy."

10 su/llhyin.

11 al. "mind."

12 al. "have made room for others."

13 lit. "Greeks."

14 lo/gwn u9poqe/sei.

15 u9po/qesij.

16 parh/xqhmen.

17 al. "irrational."

18 "uprightly," E. V.

19 al. "to hear."

1 al. "want of taste."

2 new/sei.

3 al. "a kind of "

4 pepilhme/nhn.

5 Morel and ms. in Bodleian, "much more would the disciples have been thus affected, and when they had come would have been subdued by His words."

6 al. "to release ourselves from."

7 i.e. their baptism.

8 al. "depart."

9 al. "even any."

10 a0ei;.

11 to\ e0cai/reton.

12 or, "stomachs."

13 al. "is retained."

14 Morel. reads: kai\ u9poyi/aj h\n meta\ to\ kh/rugma loipo/n.

15 al. "these same."

16 Morel. and ms. in Bodl. "this also may be seen with Paul."

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