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28 The extant signatures are of doubtful authenticity. Compare Hefele, p. 269.

29 Compare Prolegomena, Life.

30 At the risk of seeming trivial in sober and professedly condensed annotation, one cannot help noting that the human nature of ancient and modern councils is the same,-much controversy and more or less absenteeism, but all present at dinner.

31 For notice of these couches, see Smith, Dict. Gr. and Ram. Ant., article Lectica.

32 [The idea seems to be (as explained by Valesius) that if they joined the Jews in celebrating this feast they would seem to consent to their crime in crucifying the Lord.-Bag.] He carried out his reprobation of the Jews in his actions in discriminating laws at least, and perhaps in actual persecution.

33 ['Agxinoia. This word is one of a class ot expressions frequently used by Eusebius, and which, being intended as titles of honor, like "Excellency," &c., should, where possible, be thus rendered. In the present instance it is applied to the heads of the churches collectively.-Bag.] More probably in this case it is not the title, but means "your sagacity."

34 Rather "sagacity" and "wisdom."

35 Rather "sagacity" and "wisdom."

36 [Valesius explains this as referring to the conduct of the Jews in professing to acknowledge God as their king, and yet denying him by saying, "We have no king but Caesar."-Bag.]

37 This Hein. regards as the correct meaning, although "equally valid," or "authoritative," has been regarded as possible.

38 Or "such were the injunctions which the emperor laid especially on their consciences."

39 Continuation of the Arian controversy.

40 On the site of the sepulchre, compare Besant, Sepulchre, the Holy, in Smith and Cheetham, 2 (1880), 1881-1888. He discusses (a) Is the present site that fixed upon by the officers of Constantine? and (b) Was that site certainly or even probably the true spot where our Lord was buried? Compare also reports of the Palestine Exploration Fund Survey, Jerusalem, 1884, p. 429-435 (Conder).

41 [Licinius appears to be meant, whose death had occurred a.d. 326, in which year the alleged discovery of the Lord's sepulchre took place.-Bag.]

42 The word used is the technical "camera," meaning properly a certain style of vaulted ceiling, but here it is perhaps the generic ceiling if the specific word below means panel ceiling.

43 This is the word for the Lacunaria or panel ceilings, a style of ceiling where "planks were placed across these beams at certain intervals leaving hollow spaces" "which were frequently covered with gold and ivory and sometimes with paintings." Compare article Domus, in Smith, Dict. Gr. and Nora. Ant. The passage may mean either "with respect to the ceiling ...whether ...wainscoted" or "with respect to the Camera ...whether panel ceiled."

44 [Apparently referring (says Valesius) to Rev. xxi. 2: "And I, John, saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God, out of heaven" &c.; an extraordinary nay almost ludicrous application of Scripture, though perhaps characteristic of the author's age.-Bag.] And it may be said characteristic of Eusebius himself, for it is not his only sin in this regard.

45 It would seem from this description that the paneling was like that of Santa Maria Maggiore at Rome, a horizontal surface rather than the pointed roof paneled.

46 Whether this means two series, one underground and one above (Molz. and many), or not, is fully discussed by Heinichen in a separate note (Eusebius, vol. 3, P. 520-521).

47 [These inner porticos seem to have rested on massy piles, because they adjoined the sides of the church, and had to bear its roof, which was loftier than any of the rest.-Bag.] Translated by Molz. "Quadrangular supports." "In Architecture a cubic mass of building, to serve for bearings."-Liddell and Scott.

48 [Apparently the altar, which was of a hemispherical, or rather hemicylindrical form-Bag.] Also a much-discussed question. Compare Heinichen, vol. 3, p. 521-522.

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