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8 This is Sallustius, the prefectus praetorio of the Oriens, who bore the name Secundus.

9 This constitution of Jovian is extant in Cod. Theod. ix. 25; de raptu, vel matrimonio sanctimonialium virginum vel viduarum, 2.

10 Soc. iii. 24, 25: Philost. viii. 5; Theodoret, H. E. iv. 2, 4.

11 From Sabinus, according to Soc. iv. 25, who also gives the text.

12 A largely independent chapter. Cf. Soc. iii. 24: Philost. viii. 6.

13 This may have a connection with Theodoret, iv. 2, 3; Athanas. Ep. ad Jovianum imp., where several petitions and interlocutions of the Arians with Jovian against Athanasius are given.

14 The accusations made by the Arians, Lucius and Bernicianus. See preceding reference to Ep. ad Fovianum, 4.

15 Philost. viii. 8; Soc. iii. 26; iv. 1; Ruf. ii. 1, 2. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 5, 6; Eudox. Brev. hist. rom. x. 18; Zos. iii. 35, 36; Am. Marcel. xxv. 10, 12-17; Jovian, xxvi. 1-4, accession of Valentinian and choice of Valens.

16 Philost. vii. 7; Theodoret, H. E. iii. 16.

17 Soc. iv. 2, 4. Soz. is much fuller; probably from Sabinus.

18 Soc. iv. 5-7; Philost. ix. 5; Eunap. Fr. i. 5; ii. 28; Am. Marcel. xxvi. 5nd;10; Zos. iv. 4-8.

19 Soc. iv. 9, the source.

20 According to Am. Marcel. xxvi. 6, 14, the Anastasian baths were so called after a sister of Constantine. But Soz. supposes that there were baths in his day named after the sisters, not the one, but both. Soc. says only Anastasia. Cf. Idatius, Desc. Coss. s. a.d. 375. His cons. thermae Carosianae dedicatae sunt agente praefecto V. C. Vendalonis Magno.

21 Valesius remarks that the title of this chapter is incorrect, and that it was the Macedonians, and not the orthodox Christians, who sent the embassy to Rome.

22 Soc. iv. 10, 11, 12, from whom Soz. seems to have compressed.

23 Soc. iv. 12. Soz. has only half of the document with a number of variations.

24 A curious blunder.

25 Soc. iv. 12, 13, 20. Soz. has much more acts and details. Sabinus is probably a chief source, though not the only one. Soc. iv. 12, at end.

26 Text reads ana thn 'Asian; it is wrong to substitute dusin.

27 Obviously an error in the text, for Constantius. See below, where the name is given correctly.

28 Cf. Chronicon, prefacing the Festal letters of Athan. from a.d. 365 on.

29 Soc. iv. 13-15; Philost. ix. 4-10.

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