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30 Soc. iv. 16. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 24.

31 Independent chapter.

32 Concerning this difference, see Greg. Naz. Or. xliii. 27-37, in praise of Basil.

33 Greg. Naz. Or. xliii. 44-57; Greg. Nyss. contra Eunomium, ii. 290-295; Ruf. ii. 9; Soc. iv. 26. Cf. Theodoret, iv. 19.

34 Chrysostom, de Sacerdotio, i. 1-7.

35 Soc. iv. 26; Ruf. ii. 9. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 30.

36 He had been coadjutor bishop during his father's lifetime.

37 Ruf. ii. 5; Soc. iv. 17, 18. Soz. resembles Soc. in both incidents. Soc. resembles Ruf. in the Edessa story; neither mention the prefect's name, as does Soz. Philost. ix. 11; Theodoret, H. E. iv. 17.

38 Ruf. ii. 3; Soc. iv. 20-22. In c. 22 he mentions a letter of Peter to the churches, giving an account of the persecutions; and that Sabinus records none of these things. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 20-22. In c. 22 a part of Peter's letter is given. Hieron. de vir. illust. lxxxvii.; Greg. Naz. Or. xxi. in laudem Magni Athanasii episcopi Alexandrini.

39 Ruf. ii. 3, 4; Soc. iv. 22, 24; Theodoret, H. E. iv. 21, 22; Chronicon proevium to the Vestal letters, from a.d. 367 to 373, and Chronicon acephalum, 15-19; Greg. Naz. Or. xxv. 11-14, xxxiv. 3; Cod. Theod. xvi. 1, 2; Poemata, 12, de seipso et de episcopis.

40 In iii. 14; Pallad. H. L. xix., xx.

41 This is an independent chapter. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 35.

42 Sozomen repeats this below, in vii. 19, where he recounts the various local customs prevailing in the ecclesiastical system.

43 This chapter seems curiously out of place after the history of the Macedonians and that of the Synod of Alexandria. Cf. Soc. ii. 45, iii. 7.

44 Athan. Epp. i., iii., iv., ad Serapionem, contra illos qui blasphemant et dicunt spiritum sanctum rem creatam esse.

45 Bas. adv. Eunomium, iii., v.; Lib. de Spiritu Sancto.

46 Greg. Naz. Or. xxxi., xxxiv., xli.

47 For Ursicius.

48 a.d. 366, Sept. 24.

49 Soc. iv. 29; Ruf. H. E. ii. 10. Soz. omits the name of the prefect.

50 Cf. Am. Marcel. xxvii. 3. 12-15.

51 This epistle is first given by Soz.; it is repeated in Theodoret, H. E. ii. 22. The Synod was held a.d. 369.

52 All these prefatory details are unique with Soz.

53 He was bishop of Aquileia. Theodoret calls him Valerianus.

54 Ruf. H. E. ii. 11; Soc. iv. 28, 30. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 6, 7.

55 a.d. 374, December.

56 Ruf. H. E. ii. 20; Soc. ii. 46, iii. 16. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. v. 3, 4. Soz. has much independent material.

57 Held a.d. 377 (Rade), 374 (Hefele). The letters of Damasus "Illud sane miramur," "non nobis quidquam," refer to this subject.

58 Athan. Tomus ad Antioch. 7, 8; Ep. ad Epicetum; De incarnatione Domini nostri Jesu Christi contra Apollinarium.

59 Philost. many sections, especially from vi. to x. 4; he says in iii. 21, that he had written an encomium of Eunomius. Soc. iv. 7, 13, v. 24. The many opinions gathered up by Soz. were probably contributed by Sabinus. There is more original judgment in this chapter than in any other. Cf. the great treatises of Basil and Greg. Nyssa against Eunomius.

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