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Early Church Fathers
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60 Greg. Naz. Ep. ccii., quoted in part.

61 John iii. 13.

62 1 Cor. xv. 47.

63 Ammon in the text.

64 This chapter is probably built on Timothy, bishop of Alexandria's collection; see next chapter. Cf. Ruf. H. M., with whose order it agrees better than with the series in Palladius, H. L.; cf. Ruf. H. E. ii. 8.

65 Here we learn that Timothy furnished the storehouse for this monastic biography. The stories of this chapter are probably also borrowed from him, at least in part. There is a more conspicuous divergence from Palladius and Rufinus.

66 Ruf. H. M. 22; the place was thus named from the number of cells located there.

67 See another story of Pior in Soc. iv. 23.

68 This chapter may have its basis in the collection of Timothy. Cf. Palladius, H. L., for some of the biographies.

69 Cf. viii. 12 sqq.

70 Cf. also Soc. iv, 23.

71 PGM. xl.

72 See above, note on c. 29. For Nitria and Cellia, see Ruf. H. M. 21, 22; Pallad. H. L. 69.

73 This is independent.

74 This chapter is probably derived from local Palestinian biographies familiar to him as a native.

75 Hesychius, Hieron. Vit. Hil.

76 See in books vii. 27 and viii. 14.

77 Again, presumably, from Syrian biographies. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 28, has but one identical name; and the same is true of his Historia Religiosa. Battheus, Halas, and Heliodorus are repeated in the following chapter.

78 Cf. Basil, Ep. cclv.

79 From Syrian biographies.

80 See above, iii. 14, 16.

81 Basil, Ep. cclxvii.

82 Philost. ix. 15; Eunap. Fragm. ii. 32, 33; Am. Marcel. xxix. 1. 29-44; Zos. iv. 13; Soc. iv. 19.

83 Soc. iv. 31, 32; Ruf. H. E. ii. 12; Philost. ix. 16.

84 Am. Marcel. xxx. 6, 1-4; Zos. iv. 17; Orosius, vii. 32.

85 The extant oration, xii., on this theme was addressed to Valens at an earlier date.

86 Soc. iv. 32-35; Philost. ii. 5, ix. 16, 17. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 37; Eunap. Fr. i. 5, 6, ii. 34; Am. Marcel. parts of xxvii., xxx., xxxi.; Zos. iv. 10 sqq.

87 Ruf. H. E. ii. 6; Soc. iv. 36. Cf. Theodoret, H. E. iv. 23; yet Soz. has original detail in the story of Mania, and appends the story of Zocomus.

88 Otherwise called Mavia.

89 See above, vi. 19, 20.

90 Soc. iv. 37, 38; Eunap. Fr. i. 6; Am. Marcel. xxxi. 11. 1-5; Zos. iv. 22-24.

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