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Early Church Fathers
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105 Lit. age. The word may come either wrong meaning of the Greek word for Stature, or may be a synonym for the word Aeon, which would here mean a range or order of being.

106 Didymus, the blind teacher of Alexandria. Jerome who admired him, though he was a disciple of Origen, delights in calling him, in contrast to his blindness, the Seer.

107 John viii, 9.

1 Letter lxxxiv. 3 (end).

2 Stromateis, meaning collections of short essays on important subjects, disconnected, and thrown out like things scattered or strewn on the ground.

3 Eph. iv, 25.

4 1 Cor. ii, 6.

5 Ps. xix, 2.

6 Matt. v, 14.

7 Ps. xviii, 9.

8 Ps. xviii, 11.

9 Matt. vii, 6.

10 Matt. v, 33, Matt. v, 34.

11 Matt. vii, 16-20.

12 Luke vi, 44.

13 See letter xxii. to Eustochium. In it Jerome pointed out the worldliness of professing Christians, and the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of many of the clergy and monks.

14 Letter xxii. c. 27 (end).

15 Of goats' hair, used by soldiers and sailors.

16 Letter xxii. c. 29 (middle).

17 Id. c. 28.

18 Id. 29 (end).

19 Id. 30.

20 Cicero, Horace and Virgil.

21 Letter lvii.

22 Discerns it. Vulg. Rom. xiv, 23. He that doubteth A.V.

23 In the translation of the Arxwn made by Jerome for Pammachius and Oceanus, he rendered word for word.

24 Letter lvii. 5.

25 Matt. vii, 1, Matt. vii, 2.

26 Ep. 1.

27 Ep. l. 1.

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