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2161 A convert from stoicism to Christianity in the latter part of the second century who as the head of the catechetical school at Alexandria was the instructor of Clement.

2162 Head of the catechetical school at Alexandria a.d. 190-203.

2163 strwmateij.

2164 upotupwseij.

2165 See Letter XXXIII. Of Origen's Miscellanies only a few fragments remain. `They appear to have discussed various topics in the light of ancient philosophy and scripture. 0'-Westcott.

2166 A neoplatonic and neopythagorean philosopher who flourished in the age of the Antonines.

2167 A Stoic philosopher, the friend and teacher of the poet Persius. Having criticised Nero's literary style too freely he was banished by that emperor.

2168 An active Christian writer of the reign of Commodus.

2169 Fl. a.d. 200-225, the first antipope. His Refutation of All Heresies is of great interest and value.

2170 Fl. a.d. 186. accused of being a Christian, he delivered in the senate an apology for the faith.

2171 A writer of the third century who compiled a Chronicle of the world's history from the creation to his own day. It has long since perished.

2172 Surnamed Thaumaturgus or Wonderworker. One of Origen's pupils, he wrote a Panegyric (extant) on his master. Fl. 233-270.

2173 Head of the catechetical school, and afterwards bishop, of Alexandria. He died a.d. 265.

2174 Trained in the school of Alexandria and praised by Eusebius for his great learning.

2175 The intimate friend of Eusebius of Caesarea and founder of the famous library in that city.

2176 See note on Letter XLVIII.

2177 A presbyter of Antioch and apparently a pupil of Malchion. He suffered martyrdom at Nicomedia a.d. 311.

2178 A presbyter of Antioch in the reign of Aurelian. He took part in the proceedings against Paul of Samosata.

2179 See note on above.

2180 Bishop of Antioch at the time of the Nicene Council. One of the earliest and most vigorous opponents of Arianism.

2181 Bishop of Alexandria from a.d. 326 to a.d. 373. The great champion of the diversity of Christ again Arius and the followers.

2182 Flor. a.d. 341-359. After studying at Alexandria he lived for some time at Antioch where he took part in an Arian council.

2183 A famous lawyer of Berytus converted to Christianity by Spyridon a bishop in Cyprus.

2184 Bishop of Amasea in Pontus, a constant student of Demosthenes and himself no mean orator.

2185 An Egyptian bishop the friend of Antony and Athanasius. Some of his writings are still extant.

2186 This bishop is best known through the Emperor Julian's vain attempt to expel him from his see.

2187 a.d. 329-379. Bishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia and a strenuous champion of orthodoxy. His works are still extant.

2188 Gregory of Nazianzus. Bishop of Sasima and for a short time of Constantinople (a.d. 379-381).

2189 Flor. a.d. 350-400. Archbishop of Iconium. A friend of Basil and of Gregory Nazianzen.

2190 An African writer who is his last days became a Montanist. Flor. a.d. 175-225.

2191 A Roman lawyer of the second century. His Apology-a Dialogue entitled Octavius-is extant.

2192 Fl. a.d. 300. A professor of rhetoric at Sicca in Africa and a heathen. He composed his apology to prove the reality of his conversion.

2193 An African rhetorician and apologist of the fourth century. His works are extant.

2194 A celebrated man of letters at Rome in the middle of the fourth century, the story of whose conversion is told in Augustine's Confessions (viii. 2-5).

2195 Bishop of Carthage. He suffered martyrdom a.d. 358. His works are extant.

2196 Bishop of Poitiers (died a.d. 368). A champion of the orthodox faith against Arianism.

2197 A Spanish Christian of the fourth century. His "Story of the Gospels," a life of Christ in hexameter verse, still exists.

2198 For most of the writers mentioned in this section see also Jerome's Book of Famous Men translated in Vol. iii. of this series.

2199 For an account of Epicurus see Letter V. note. He professed to have read but little.

2200 That Rufinus is the person meant is plain from a reference made to this passage in Apol. adv. Rufinum, i. 30 and also from Letter CII. Jerome is however mistaken in connecting this Calpurnius with Sallust. He is mentioned by Plutarch as a treacherous friend. Sallust does mention a certain Calpurinus Bestia, and Jerome has probably confounded the two.

2201 Ps. lv. 6. PBV.

2202 Cant. iii. 1.

2203 Matt. viii. 11.

2204 Acts x. 1.

2205 Rom. xv. 24.

2206 Italy.

2207 Rom. xv. 19.

2208 Acts xxviii. 30.

2209 Utriusque instrumenti aeternam domum. The `twofold record 0' is that of the old and new testaments both of which speak of the church under the figure of a house. For the term "instrument" see note on Letter

2210 Matt. iv. 19.

2211 Cf. Ps. civ. 26.

2212 Ps. lxiii. 1, Ps. lxiii. 2.

2213 Ps. lv. 7, Ps. lv. 8.

2214 Luke ix. 62.

2215 Matt. ix. 20.

2216 Cant. v. 2.

2217 Matt. xxiv. 17, Matt. xxiv. 18.

2218 Gen. xiii. 10.

2219 Jerome quoting from memory substitutes `crown 0' for `prize. 0'

2220 1 Cor. ix. 24.

2221 Ruth i. 14.

2222 Luke xix. 5.

2223 Joh. xii. 2.

2224 Mark xiv. 8.

2225 Matt. xxvi. 6.

2226 Gen. xii. 1.

2227 Ps. xxxix. 12.

2228 Phil. iii. 13.

2229 Ps. lxxxiv. 7.

2230 Matt. xii. 50.

2231 His wife Theodora.

2232 Gen. xxxix. 12.

2233 Mark xiv. 51, Mark xiv. 52.

2234 2 Kings ii. 11, 2 Kings ii. 13.

2235 1 Kings xix. 21.

2236 Ecclus. xiii. 1.

2237 2 Cor. vi. 14, 2 Cor. vi. 15.

2238 Matt. vi. 24.

2239 A disciple of Socrates, subsequently the founder of the Cynic School. Fl. 366 b.c.

2240 See note on Letter LXVI.

2241 Matt. xix. 28.

2242 2 Cor. viii. 14.

2243 Luke xvi. 9.

2244 Acts iv. 34, Acts iv. 35.

2245 Prov. xiii. 8, LXX.

2246 Prov. iii. 9, LXX.

2247 Cf. Matt. vi. 20.

2248 See note on Letter XXII.

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