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2469 Ezek. xvi. 25.

2470 Ezek. xxiii. 3.

2471 Exod. xxxii. 4.

2472 Ezek. xx. 25.

2473 1 Tim. v. 11, 1 Tim. v. 12.

2474 Phil. iii. 13.

2475 As Judith cut off the head of Holofernes (Judith xiii.).

2476 Luke ii. 36-38.

2477 i.e. Jerome.

2478 Cant. i. 4. See the Preface to Origen on the Canticles translated in this volume.

2479 Rem maioris gloriae sequitur ut pater verbi sit potius quam interpres.

2480 i.e. St. Paul.

2481 Or Pamphilus.

2482 See this treatise in vol. iii. of this series. Rufinus with John of Jerusalem had been already accused of Origenism. See Letter LI. 6.

2483 For this adjuration comp. Rev. xxii. 18, Rev. xxii. 19, and Stieren's Irenaeus i. 821.

2484 Matt. xxv. 41.

2485 Matt. xxii. 13.

2486 Mark ix. 44.

2487 Chromatius and Eusebius of Aquileia.

2488 Concordia, near Aquileia.

2489 See the introduction to Letter CXVII.

2490 i.e. insincerely.

2491 Plautus, Aul. ii. 2, 18.

2492 Paulinian (of whose ordination an account is given in Letter LI.) had been sent to Italy by Jerome in a.d. 398 partly to counteract the proceedings of Rufinus and partly to sell the family property at Stridon (see Letter LXVI.

2493 Rufinus the Syrian, to be carefully distinguished from his more famous namesake (to whom this letter is addressed) of Aquileia. He was a monk in Jerome's monastery at Bethlehem.

2494 Gal. v. 15.

2495 Joh. xiv. 27.

2496 Matt. v. 9.

2497 1 Cor. iv. 21.

2498 Cf. Heb. xii. 18.

2499 Ps. cxxxii. 1, LXX.

2500 Matt. xi 29.

2501 Rom. xii. 18.

2502 Jer. xi. 14, LXX.

2503 Matt. v. 23, Matt. v. 24.

2504 1 Cor. xiv. 16, where in the Greek `giving of thanks 0' is `eucharist. 0'

2505 Matt. xxvi. 48, Matt. xxvi. 49: the kiss of peace formed an integral part of the eucharistic office from primitive till mediaeval times.

2506 Attributed by Cicero to Ennius.

2507 Prov. 1. 7.

2508 1 Joh. iv. 18.

2509 1 K. xii. 10.

2510 Tarquin the Proud the last king of Rome was driven into exile because of his many acts of tyranny.

2511 Nu. xii. 3.

2512 Exod. xvii. 4.

2513 Exod. xxxii. 31, Exod. xxxii. 32.

2514 Joh. x. 11, RV.; Luke xv. 4, Luke xv. 5.

2515 Rom. ix. 3, Rom. ix. 4, RV.

2516 Eph. vi. 4.

2517 John, Bishop of Jerusalem, who had accused Jerome of Origenism, a charge which was brought against himself by Epiphanius (see Letter LI.).

2518 Jerome represents John as saying that he took advantage of a verse in the lesson "to preach on faith and all the dogmas of the Church (c. Joh. Jer. ii.).

2519 Jerome now addresses John of Jerusalem.

2520 The Origenists.

2521 The orthodox.

2522 Philemon, 10.

2523 The highest and lowest offices in the Roman magistracy. Jerome insinuates that if the ordained slave was a common informer so also was John of Jerusalem.

2524 A hit at Rufinus.

2525 The statement that he had read 6000 volumes of Origen was attributed to Epiphanius by Rufinus and John of Jerusalem. Cf. Apol. c. Ruf. ii. c. 13.

2526 Paulinian, who had been ordained by Epiphanius.

2527 Sacerdotes; lit. `sacrificing priests. 0'

2528 Not by himself but by Epiphanius.

2529 Otherwise Lydda, a town in the south of Judah at this time the seat of a bishopric.

2530 Aelia Capitolina was the name given by Hadrian to the colony established by him on the site of Jerusalem.

2531 Nu. iv. 3, LXX. AV. follows the Hebrew.

2532 2 Cor. v. 17.

2533 1 Tim. iv. 12.

2534 The word `presbyter 0' means elder.

2535 Here as frequently in Jerome the word `sacerdos 0' is used to denote a bishop.

2536 Probably Isidore, who had taken a view hostile to Jerome, and who at this time fell under the displeasure of Theophilus.

2537 The execution of the decree was stopped by the sudden death of the imperial minister Rufinus.

2538 John of Jerusalem.

2539 Ps. xxiv. 1.

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