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2610 Cf. Hor. S. II. viii. 21.

2611 Dionysius of Heraclea called the renegade because he abandoned the Stoic for the Cyrenaic school.

2612 Isa. v. 20.

2613 Ad. Ux. ii. 2.

2614 AV. `purified. 0'

2615 2 Sam. xi. 4.

2616 Doubtless some Egyptian monk or ecclesiastic placed under ban by Theophilus on account of Origenism.

2617 John of Jerusalem. He had probably, like Rufinus, been reconciled to Jerome, and seems to have taken no part in the subsequent quarrel between Jerome and Rufinus.

2618 Joel iii. 13.

2619 Tit. ii. 15.

2620 Rev. xii. 9.

2621 Bishop of Rome, a.d. 398-402.

2622 Acts v. 29.

2623 See the preceding letter.

2624 The bishops of Palestine are meant. See Letter XCII.

2625 2 John 10, inexactly quoted.

2626 Jer. i. 10.

2627 Eph. i. 23.

2628 Eph. v. 27.

2629 Letter XCII.

2630 Cyprus.

2631 i.e. John Chrysostom who had been raised to the patriarchate in 398 a.d.

2632 Cf. 1 Cor. v. 4, 1 Cor. v. 5.

2633 Plebs.

2634 By Theophilus.

2635 Cf. Exod. xvii. 8-14.

2636 1 Tim. i. 19.

2637 In Aeliae encaeniis. Aelia was the name given by the emperor Hadrian to the Roman colony founded by him on the site of Jerusalem.

2638 The monk Ammonius is said to have done this and similar things.

2639 Some fifty, led by Ammonius and his three brothers (called the Long or Tall Monks) went first to Syria and then to Constantinople.

2640 This woman is said to have brought a charge of immorality against Isidore and then suppressed it on being placed by him on the list of widows who received the church's bounty. Isidore was now eighty years old, and there were many causes for the quarrel. Palladius, Socrates and Sozomen intimate that the real cause of Theophilus' enmity to his old confidant Isidore was that Isidore knew secrets unfavorable to Theophilus. He afterwards went with the Long Monks to Constantinople, where Chrysostom by his reception of them incurred the hatred of Theophilus. See Jerome Letter CXIII.

2641 Magister hactenus navis hora tempestatis `quoris et periculo magnam patitur animi jactationem.

2642 Gal. i. 8.

2643 See the account of the meeting of Eusebius with Rufinus in the presence of Simplicianus. Ruf. Apol. i. 19.

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