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Early Church Fathers
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1 That is, the square character which was of Assyrian origin. As to how far the tradition is true, see Davidson's "Biblical Criticisms" (1854), p. 22, and the authorities there referred to.

2 iii. 39. All the males from a month old and upwards are said to have been twenty-two thousand.

3 These are the alphabetical Psalms which, being mainly didactic, were written acrostically to assist the memory. Others partially acrostic are ix., x., xxv., xxxiv., to make the alphabet complete in xxxvii. (

in verse 28 must be supposed to be represented by Mlr(l

, and t

in verse 39 by xyh#&tr

4 More correctly Torah.

5 The laws or instructions of Ezra. By many of the Jews Ezra was regarded as the author of the Twelve Prophets.

6 Jerome has in the text the Greek equivalent paraleipomenwn.

7 That is, Ezra and Nehemiah.

8 Paula and Eustochium.

9 Ps. xxxix. 2 sq.

10 esxhmatismenoj.

11 A small fish well known to the ancients, but apparently not identified with any species known to us.

12 Job iii. 3.

13 xlii. 6.

14 Reading studiosum me magis quam malevolum probet. Substituting se for me, according to some manuscripts, we must translate "and thus show that he is actuated more by a love of learning than by malice."

15 x. 11.

16 To split. The word has no sort of etymological connection with sxinoj. Susanna, 54, 55, 58, 59. When the first elder says the crime was committed under a mastich tree (schinos), Daniel answers, "God shall cut thee in two" (schisei).

17 The mastich tree.

18 To saw.

19 The holm-oak.

20 In the LXX. the story of Bel and the Dragon bears a special heading as "part of the prophecy of Habakkuk."-Westcott. The angel is said to have carried Habakkuk with a dish of food in his hand for Daniel from Judaea to Babylon.

21 Cor. xii. 2.

22 The bitter enemy of the Christian faith. Born at Tyre 223. Died at Rome about 304.

23 Bishop of Patara in Lycia, and afterwards of Tyre. Suffered martydom 302 or 303.

1 See Preface to Ezra (Vulgate).

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