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Early Church Fathers
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55 Viz., that of the priesthood.

56 2 Chr. xxiv. 17, 18; 23-25.

57 Rom. i. 26, 28.

58 Prov. xvi. 5 (LXX).

59 Intellectuales.

60 See Book X. c. xviii.

61 Acts xx. 35.

62 Col. iii. 5; 1 Tim. vi. 10.

63 Serietas (Petschenig): Taciturnitas (Gazaeus).

64 Phil. ii. 6, 8.

65 Is. lxvi. 2. It is noteworthy that Cassian after giving a rendering which differs but slightly from that of the old Latin, as given in Sabbatier's great work, adds the version of "those copies which express the Hebrew accurately," and thus shows his acquaintance with Jerome's new translation which he quotes. He does the same thing again in the Conferences, XXIII. viii.: and On the Incarnation Against Nestorius IV. iii. V ii., xv. Compare also Institutes VIII. xxi., and Conf. VIII. x.; where he also betrays a knowledge of the Vulgate. As a general rule, however, his translations are taken from the old Latin, or possibly in some cases are made by him from the LXX.

1 On this Moses see the note on Institutes, Book X. xxv.

2 Rom. vi. 22.

3 Phil. iii. 13, 14.

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