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1 The reader will notice that this is not even an approximately contemporaneous interpretation, but more than a century and a half later, after Leo I. had done so much to establish the power of his see.

2 T. W. Allies. The Ch. of Eng. cleared from the Charge Schism. (Written while an Anglican) p.94 (2nd Edition).

3 For some reason this canon does not seem to be any more acceptable to modern champions of the Papacy than it was to the Church of Rome fifteen hundred years ago. I give as a sample of this thefollowiug from a recent Roman Catholic writer :"The decree which goes by the name of the Third Canon of Constantinople was the germ of the successful mendacity of the arch-rebel Photius." (Rivington. The Prim Ch., p.263). The phraseology seems to suggest warm discontent at the canon.

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