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1 The reader may like to see the vow on this subject taken by King Charles I. of England, and which was made public by Archbishop Sheldon after the Restoration. The vow is as follows "I do here promise and solemnly vow, in the presence and service of Almighty God, that if it shall please the Divine Majesty of his infinitegoodness to restore me to my just Kingly rights, and to re-establish me in my throne. I will wholly give back to his Church all those impropriations which are now held by the Crown; and what lands soever I do now or should enjoy, which have been taken away either from any episcopal see or any cathedral or collegiate church, from any abbey or other religious house, I likewise promise for hereafter to hold them from the Church under such reasonable fines and rents as shall he set down by some conscientious persons, whom I propose to choose with all uprightness of heart to direct me in this particular And I humbly beseech God to accept of this my vow, and to bless me in the design I have now in hand through Jesus Christ our Lord."

"Charles R."

"OXFORD, April 13, 1646."

1 I think this is the first time I have ever noticed Van Espen to have omitted giving the reference.

1 It is curious that both the French and English translations of Hefele give this reference incorrectly, and each makes the error, giving Dist. lxxix. instead of lxxxix.

1 Such is not the case in Aristenus as found in Beveridge, Tom. I., p. 147.

2 Duchesne, Origines du Culte Chrétien, p. 24.

3 "Apostolic Chair of Rome" in the Greek of the acts.

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