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Early Church Fathers
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4 Hefele. Hist. Councils Vol IV., p 230, note.

5 Hefele. Hist. Councils Vol IV., p 223.

6 Speech of Ascidas in the V. Session.

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1 The following is Hefel's note (Hist. Councils, Vol. IV., p.226, note 1):

"Paragagei=n can in no way be translated, as it has hitherto been, by pr(tergressus or `passed over 0': `That Christ has gone over to all corporeity on heaven and earth, 0' which gives no sense. Para/gein means here, like paragwge/ in the second anathematism, creare producere `create 0', `bring into existence. 0' Suicer, in his Thesaurus, completely overlooked this. Cf. Stephani, s. vv paravgw and paragwghv."

1 The reader should carefully study the entire tractate of the Emperor against Origen of which these anathematisms are the conclusion. It is found in Labbe and Cossart, and in many other collections.

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