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Early Church Fathers
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1 Psalm C., verse 8 (Heb. ci.. ult.) neither LXX. nor Vulgate version.

2 Penuacchi, De Honorii I., Romani Pontificis, causa in Concilio VI.

3 Hefele. History of the Councils. Vol V., p.190 et seqq.

4 "Also Honorins. qui hanc apostolicam sedem non apostolilcae traditionis doctrina lustravit, sed profana proditione immaculatam fidem subvertere conatus est, et omnes, qui in suo errore defuncti sunt".

5 Ed. Eugène de Rozière. Paris, 1869, No.84.

6 Bossuet. Def. Cleri Gal., Lib. vij., cap. xxvj.

1 This statement of Fleury's is contested by those who agree with Asseman in thinking that the Sixth Synod was held in Santa Sophia, vide Biblioth. Jur., Orient. Tom. v., p.85.

2 Cf. Hefele, l.c., Vol. V., 237. On the other hand vide Assensan (l.c. Tom. V. pp.30, 69), who thinks Alexandria and Jerusalem were vacant at the time!

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