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2 Not in the Greek.

3 Latin reads "among them" instead of "by Donstists."

1 I have followed the Greek text here, the Latin is very confused.

1 Notice the African use of the phrase, convenire ad..

1 The Greek reads "to depose him," and varies considerably from the Latin. I have followed the Latin but confess that in part I have failed to catch a meaning. The Greek is perfectly clear, as usual.

1 The Latin "noscuntur" is almost certainly corrupt, Van Espen suggests "absoluta sunt" as the meaning.

1 Vide Corripus (Partsch's ed.) Johannid in Mon. Germ. Hist. (in the Series Auctores Antiquissimi), Proem, p. xiv. It seems from Orosius that the same province was called Tripolitana and Regio Arzugum, and that Arzuges was a race name of wider appilcation.

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