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Massive Online Encyclopedia of Islam : BADAWI, DR. JAMAL

Dr. Jamal Badawi is one of the most popular Muslim speakers in the west. Dr. Badawi is a Professor of Management at Saint Mary University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and serves as the director of the Islamic Information Foundation in Halifax.

Dr. Badawi is an eloquent speaker whose presentations are well organized and delivered. Unfortunately, he often gets his facts wrong, especially in his attempts to rebut orthodox Christian beliefs. Dr. Badawi's arguments against Christianity are not derived from Islamic philosophy (suggesting that Islam has not been able to develop an argument against Christianity during the past 14 centuries), but from three non-Islamic sources:

1. Jehovah's Witness and Unitarians (arguments against the Trinity and Deity of Christ)

2. Atheist (arguments against the Bible)

3. "Liberal Scholars", whom Badawi claims are good, practicing, believing Christians in spite of the fact that these "scholars" deny nearly every tenant of Christianity.

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