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Gk: barnabas (), and is of Aramaic origin meaning "son of rest", or "son of encouragement".

Corresponds to the biblical figure who travelled with Paul on many missionary journeys in the Biblical book of Acts. His name was given by the apostles of Jesus because of his encouraging character (Acts 4:36). Barnabas was a Cyprian Jew, a Levite. His original name is Joseph or Joses.

Muslims regard Barnabas to be a true Christian who opposed Paul's teaching. This, however, goes against the record in Acts:

Muslims also tout the Gospel of Barnabas ms. Vienna, an Italian manuscript which was translated into English by Lonsdale and Laura Ragg, as the true gospel in contrast to the four gospels contained in the New Testament in the Bible. Because this manuscript bear much teaching like the Qur'an, eg. denying the crucifixion of Jesus, denying his deity, etc. Muslims thought that this is the true gospel of Jesus. Close examination of the manuscript however reveals that this book contradicts the Qur'an in many aspects, like denying that Jesus is the Messiah, have Jesus calling the author Barnabas (which was A NAME given by the apostles after Jesus' resurrection), etc. The author of this book was not familiar with first century life in Palestine or geography (eg. winter rains, Nazareth near the sea, etc), but with 14th century Spain, using Spanish words (eg. minuti) and mentioning medieval inventions (eg. wine caskets when first century Jews used wineskins). Barnabas was a Jew, but the author did not know that the Jubilee in the Bible comes every 50 years. Instead, the author said that it is 100 years, which happened to be decreed in the 14th century, and later revoked to return to the Biblical 50 years. The evidences therefore demands that we reject this manuscript as fraudulent.

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