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Ar: haura, pl. hur

the virgins in Paradise to serve the faithful (men). They are described to be extremely beautiful.

Some Muslims have argued that the Qur'an did not say explicitly that they are female, prefering instead to think of them as youths. A Muslim, on the other hand, said on the internet:

``How much more evidence is needed than that the adjectives and pronouns that refer to them are always feminine? And which Companion's exegesis, male or female, or which hadith of the Prophet Peace be upon him allows us to think otherwise? I am afraid that when one makes such evidence inconclusive, then they might make other evidence of the nature of the life of the hereafter inconclusive also, as the Mu`tazila did with otherworldly pleasures and punishments, the Bridge, the Pond etc.'' (Fouadd Haddad)
ad-Dukhan 44:54; at-Tur 52:20; ar-Rahman 55:72; al-Waqi`ah 56:22

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