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The Doctrine of Isma purports that Prophets do not sin. The Fiqh Akbar II says: "All of the Prophets are exempt from sins, both grave and light, from unbelief and sordid deeds. Yet stumbling and mistakes may happen on their part". (Wensinck, The Muslim Creed, p. 192).

Perhaps Muslims formulated this creed out of the fear that Muhammad (who is supposed to be the final and greatest prophet) would appear inadequate in comparison to Jesus, and other Prophets of the Bible. The doctrine of Isma is contradicted by Hadith and the Qur'an.

Muhammad said:

"No child is born, but that, Satan touches it when it is born whereupon its starts crying loudly because of being touched by Satan, except Mary and her son" (Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 6, p. 54).

In other words, all people are born sinners except Jesus. Muhammad is also reported as saying:

Every son of Adam is a sinner, and the best of sinners are those who repent constantly" (Karim's Mishkatul-Masabih, Vol. 3, p. 360).

Muhammad clearly did not believe in the doctrine of Isma. What does the Qur'an say about the Prophets and sin?

Adam sinned : Sura 20:121
Noah sinned : Sura 11:47
Jonah sinned : Sura 21:87
Abraham sinned : Sura 6:76-78
Muhammad sinned : Sura 48:2

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