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Islam and Christianity agree that man was created to be Viceroy (i.e., steward) of God's creation. In Muslim theology, when Adam and Eve were "tricked" by Satan (Muslims do not believe that Adam and Eve sinned), they were sent down (literally) to earth and that man are now slaves and had to do righteous deeds in order to return back the Paradise. The Qur'an's and Hadith's description of Paradise (Janna), however, no longer talk about Man as stewards of Allah's creation anymore. The various descriptions of Paradise are filled with imageries of physical pleasure (sexually and bodily). Many Muslims have been adamant about the literal sexual pleasures for men in heaven, and some thoughtful Muslims have wondered about the place of women there.

The Christian description is different, however. Man was also created to worship God. The description of Man in heaven shows him worshipping God (see PARADISE). Jesus also told a parable of faithful stewards of God receiving, among other things, the appointment to "rule" over "cities" (Luke 19:11-27). The Bible describes Christians as ruling with Christ in the hereafter. In other words, God did not forsake His original intention when He created man, even though man had failed and sinned. He redeemed him from his sins and plans to return Man to the original vocation that He had originally planned for him. God's sovereignty consist in ensuring that He plan is ultimately carried out. Such is the sovereignty and His mercy and grace to Man, the epitome of His creation.

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