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Massive Online Encyclopedia of Islam.
(Hyper-linked to the Qur'an, Hadiths, Taurat, Injil and other sources )
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  1. References to Qur'anic verses are according to Pickthall's translation: The Meaning of The Glorious Quran (annotated with P:).
  2. Other translations are annotated with YA: (Yusuf Ali), MA: (Muhammad Asad), S: (Shakir), SA: (Sher Ali), RK: (Rashad Khalifa).
  3. On line Qur'an: Just Another Qur'an BrowserJust Another Qur'an Browser
  4. Bible passages are to The Bible Gateway. Online hadith references are to MSA-USC Hadith Database.
  5. "/" mean different verse numbering. If you can't find them, please check the context of the verse. "~" is shorthand for the term or topic.
  6. Ar. means Arabic, Gk. Greek and Hb. Hebrew. Lit. means literally.
  7. We have an on site power search for this Encyclopedia.
  8. This online edition is hosted & maintained by with special thanks to many others spanning over 100 years.

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