The Islamic Death Threats!
Islam issues death threats to those who criticize Muhammad.

Whether Salman Rushdie or Jerry Falwell, the religion of Islam was designed by Muhammad to kill those who criticize it.

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Jerry Falwell calls Muhammad a "terrorist"!

By Larry Ray Hafley

You may have heard that prominent Baptist preacher, Jerry Falwell, is in trouble for having called Mohammed, the founder of Islam, a "terrorist." CNN asked its viewers if he should have done so.

Over the years, Jesus has been called a "homosexual" and charged with having had an affair with Mary Magdalene. Where were all the television networks when such charges were made against the founder of "Christianity"? Did they ask their viewers if such things should have been spoken against Jesus? Not that I heard.

If the "religious right" should not say that, in its opinion, Mohammed's teachings make him appear as a "terrorist," should the "atheistic left" charge Jesus with fornication? (This was a letter sent to the Houston Chronicle, Oct. 11, 2002.

Why Such Bias Against Christianity?

Phillip A. Owens The Jackson Drive News & Notes of Nov. 10, 2002.

It is obvious to many that a bias exists in the media, as bro. Hafley points out in the above article. If the truth about Mohammed's history and the origin of Islam is stated, some rise up in protest against such talk as intolerant, mean-spirited, and divisive. Many in our "multi-cultural" society believe in "toleration," except when Christianity is involved! Likely there are many reasons for this, but at least two are as follows:

1) Christianity is exclusive. This means that there is no way to truth, heaven, and God except through Jesus Christ. Of course, this is what the Bible says (Jno. 14:6). This though is too "narrow" for many in our "broad" society. Even that idea was addressed

by the Lord (Matt. 7:13,14).

2) The consequences of rejecting Christianity. People in our society like to have choices to the point that "choice" has practically become a god. Think "Pro-choice" for abortion advocates! When "Pro-Life" advocates make their case, how does the atheistic left respond? "They deny us our reproductive right to choose."

Christianity does not allow "choices" in how to live morally, how to worship, etc. Yes, one may reject what the Bible teaches now, but eternal consequences are worse than frightening! Read 2 Thes. 1:7-9; Rev. 21:8; and Mk. 9:47-49. Rather than admitting

that Christianity is one of many "good" (?) world religions, the Bible (and true New Testament Christianity) affirms that not only is it the only true religion, but that rejecting its found (Christ) and His message (the gospel) will result in eternal punishment in hell! This is repugnant to many. It is either accept it and be saved, or reject it and be damned! Many in our society don't like those narrow "choices."

But the truth is, one cannot be neutral about Jesus Christ. He is not just one of several "good" teachers. He either lived or He did not. If He did, He was either who He claimed to be the Son of God or He was a liar, fraud, hypocrite, and deceiver. He could not have been just a good man and not Deity. Good men don't lie, and Jesus affirmed His oneness with God (Jno. 10:30). If on the other hand He was not what He claimed, He lied. If that is so, then the religion which follows His teachings and worships Him as God's Son is worse than a waste of time it is a lie built on false hope, and those who follow it are nothing but deceived, having nothing of substance to which they can look forward.

Thankfully, His resurrection separates Him from every other religious leader. It validates His claims to Deity, and therefore vali dates His word as final, authoritative, and perfect it is truth! Fol lowing Him brings peace here (Phil. 4:6), and heaven in the here after. It is sad that so many willfully reject the only Savior and hope of the world. Let us be thankful that we have the Scripture in our own language that tells us about Him, that someone was interested enough in us to teach us, and that we have the great hope of heaven. Further, let us teach those around us about Jesus, God's Son. There are many people who see the reason ableness of Jesus and Christianity when contrasted to people such as Mohammed and other religious leaders. Our job is to seek them out and teach them.


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