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Islam Is Repackaged Polytheism: Documentation

Books and Articles by Arthur Jeffery

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Click to ViewEclecticism in Islam, Arthur Jeffery, 1922

Click to ViewThe Quest of the Historical Muhammad, Arthur Jeffery, 1926

Click to ViewMaterials for the History of the Text of the Qur'an, Arthur Jeffery, 1936

Click to ViewA Variant Text of the Fatiha, Arthur Jeffery, 1939

Click to ViewThe Orthography of the Samarqand Codex, Arthur Jeffery, 1943

Click to ViewThe Textual History of the Qur'an, Arthur Jeffery, 1946

Click to ViewIslam: Muhammad and His Religion, Arthur Jeffery, 1958

About the Author:

Arthur Jeffery was a Professor of Semitic Languages at Columbia University and at Union Theological Seminary in New York. Jeffery wrote many articles and books during his career and conducted extensive research, searching the Middle East for manuscripts. His most important works include Materials for the history of the text of the Qur'an: the old codices... and The Foreign Vocabulary of the Qur'an, which traces the origins of 275 foreign (non-Arabic) words found in the Qur'an.

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