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all its parts; and not contradict, though it may transcend, human reason.

The choice, it is next proved, lies between the Bible and the Coran, while the Divine origin of the former is admitted by the latter. The notion that each revelation has successively abrogated its predecessor is shown to be unfounded, and unworthy the Divine government; and the hypothesis that each advancing stage of society requires a suitably advanced revelation, refuted. The argument for the integrity of the Scriptures follows and, occupying as it does a considerable space, is sound, able and satisfactory.

About half of the volume is now devoted to the development of the doctrines of the Bible and the scheme of Christianity. In this are treated the attributes of God; man's condition; the nature of the Atonement, its proof from prophecy and practical benefits; the influences of the Holy Spirit; and the character of the true Christian;—the whole system being enforced by a variety of tests. It is difficult to say what is best done where all is good; but the doctrine of the Atonement, and the spread of Christianity, may be specified as remarkably well discussed. The quotations under the head of "Commands" are, perhaps, too long; it is, no doubt, necessary to show that we have a code of morals fully developed in our Scriptures; but when the extracts cover a very large space, and there is nothing to mark their beginning or their end, they become tedious to the native reader, and obstruct the flow of the argument.

The last chapter is reserved for the direct refutation of Islam. The first and second marks given for recognising a true prophet resemble those of Dr. Lee, except that miracles are admitted. They are as follows:—His teaching must not oppose previous revelations; it must be supported by proper evidence, as that of miracles or prophecy; his conduct must befit that of a prophet of God; and his doctrines must not be enforced by violence. Several pages are now allotted to prove that Mohammed was not foretold, and that the prophecies advanced by Mussulmans are shown to have no reference whatever to their Prophet. This portion of the work is very ably executed; indeed the wonder


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