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arguments ready to his hand; and the concessions of the adversary in their explanation, would form materials for truthful conclusions. Indeed, we have never seen so favourable an opportunity of closing upon the antagonist with an argumentum ad hominem. The passages which he has himself brought forward cannot again be withdrawn by him on the plea of interpolation, and sufficient has been admitted in their interpretation, to overthrow him on his own ground.

In examining this controversy, we have gone sufficiently into details, to show that Henry Martyn's description of the Persian is no less applicable to the Indian Mohammedan; he is a compound of ignorance and bigotry ; and all access to the one is hedged up by the other. That we may learn how best to treat this melancholy state of mind, there is no more useful lesson than the careful perusal of these controversial tracts. Besides acquiring a knowledge of the subject in all its bearings, a thorough acquaintance with the Mohammedan ideas and tenets, and familiarity with their modes of polemical reasoning, there is a valuable lesson to be gained, namely, experience to avoid their faults. Arguments may reach to demonstration, and yet they may not force conviction that depends upon causes, some of which may be materially modified by us. Cautious advances, breathing kindness and love, may lessen the prejudices of our opponents, while unguarded expressions and imprudent severity must increase and tend to render them insurmountable. Hence the paramount necessity for all engaged in this work to be intimately acquainted not merely with the rules of logic and requirements of sound reason, but with the human, heart,-with all those springs of feeling, interest, affection, and desire, which are so closely blended with conviction. This must be sought for by the patient study of human nature, and much will be gained if each tries his own heart in the crucible of the Saulat uz Zaigham. What effect does the haughty demeanour and abusive language of the Moslem have upon you other than to rouse angry and contemptuous feelings? His blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, and sneers at all we hold sacred, —above all, the dishonour which he puts on the Founder of our faith by


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