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The interactive study on the last days!!

Please check again as you did at the beginning what you believe:

All churches teach one of three positions. Identify which one you believe!

  1. Position one: This view believes that when Israel became a nation in 1947 AD that mankind entered the period of time known as "the last days". Soon the battle of Armageddon will start and the great tribulation will be upon the earth as the signs of the times usher in the return of Christ. The 1000 year reign of Christ upon the earth also follows soon after the last days began.
  2. Position #2: This views believes that the last days began during the ministry of Jesus and the first century Church. The last days are defined as the continuous period of time from the ministry of Jesus to the second coming. Mankind has been living in the last days for 20 centuries.
  3. Position #3: This view believes that mankind has never been in the last days yet, but that the last days will begin very soon, likely before the year 2000 AD. The year 2000 AD is significant because it is the beginning of the 7th millennium. Big changes will take place to the planet as the signs of the times lead up to the great tribulation.

Identify which position you believe after the study

Position #1 The last days already started sometime earlier this century, probably 1947 AD.

Position #2 The last days started in the first century, most likely during the ministry of Jes

Position #3 The last days have not begun yet, but will start very soon, 2000 AD.

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