Top ten list of marriage facts

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  1. Single mothers find it very difficult to find a man to marry them.
  2. Teen marriage increases the risk of divorce by two or three times.
  3. Marrying someone with similar cultural and religious values increases the success rate of the marriage.
  4. Education level taken by itself, increases proportionately the success of a marriage.
  5. If both spouses are from divorced parents, they are three times more likely to divorce, than if both spouses parents had stayed together. The changes of divorces however are reduced dramatically if one of the spouses came from parents who never divorced.

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Both spouses attend church weekly


One spouse attends church weekly


Annual income over $50,000 vs. under $25,000


Having children after marriage vs. before marriage


Marrying over 25 years of age vs. under 18


Own family of origin intact vs. divorced parents


Claim a religious affiliation vs. none


Some college vs. high-school dropout



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