Marriage Myths and the Bible:

  1. The key to long lasting marriages is romantic love: Romans 7:2-3 (The key is commitment to God, romantic love is irrelevant to a lasting marriage)
  2. Commitment to each other ensures a lasting marriage. (Commitment to the spouse is irrelevant, commitment to God makes lasting marriages)
  3. When one or both of the spouses are unhappy in a marriage, this signals divorce is soon to follow. (Long term studies have found that most spouses feel this way at some point in the marriage, but 5 years later the vast majority of them went from "very unhappy to "very happy".
  4. More educated women are less likely to marry than less educated women. (Recent statistics prove the opposite: More educated women are more likely to marry.)
  5. Older, more educated people have a lower divorce rate. (Although this is true when all things are equal, the advantage is dwarfed by other far more critical factors like if both spouses attend church every Sunday. In other words, a 15 year old high school drop out that marries a 16 year old boy in her church has a much lower divorce rate than two 25 year old university graduates who marry that don't attend church.)
  6. Marriage benefits men more than women. Gen 2:18 (Both benefit equally in common area like sex, companionship and shared work load, and is some different but equal areas. Husbands experience better overall health (live longer than if single) whereas a women's greatest single gain is in money. Marriage will make both men and women richer because they become more efficient in all areas of life! Two living together will not only save significantly by eliminating redundant expenses, but because of increased efficiency, make more money than they do living separately. So the old saying: "two can live together cheaper than two apart" is true for a surprising new reason: All things equal, married men make about 25% more money than their single counterparts. Some suggest the link between success in marriage and finances is explained by the fact that successful people generally succeed in whatever they do. They argue that marriage did not cause the added financial success, but that the person's drive for success is the root cause for the effects of both marriage and financial success equally. Long lasting marriages, they suggest, is not a cause of financial success, but an effect along side of financial success. But the truth is that even taking this factor and the eliminating of redundant expenses into account, the institution of marriage itself provides a "wealth-generation bonus". This bonus is above and beyond all other factors. God said marriage is good and good it is! Studies have shown, for example, that married men earn incomes 10-40% higher than their single counterparts.)
  7. Marriage will make you more satisfied with your life. (This is only true if you find satisfaction in being selfless and serve another's needs, not your own.)
  8. "Must learn to love self first, in order to love your spouse." (Bible teaches the opposite: Jn.13:34; Matt.16:24; Phil.2:3.)


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