Myths about raising and disciplining children and the Bible:
The Bible's Super Nanny!

  1. Having children typically brings a married couple closer together and increases happiness within marriage.
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    Children bring great strain on a family, especially the mother of young children. While it is true that couples who have children have a lower divorce rates than those with none, having children creates huge stresses on a marriage.

  3. Physically spanking children as a form of discipline is harmful to them and a crime.

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God is smarter than man and he commands to spank with a rod! Proverbs 13:24; 23:13-14

Reasons to spank:

1. The so called "studies" that supposedly prove spanking is harmful to the children are junk science, agenda driven, opinion papers sponsored by anti-spanking interest groups that dishonestly skew the data. The studies and those who report them are by anti-Christian, left leaning, liberal/democratic products of our immoral modern society. Anti-spanking groups are a cause the significant decay of society. Most of the young kids of these anti-spanking groups are very poorly behaved.

2. Spanking makes the children fear the parents, thereby reducing future need of discipline. If children truly feared parents and teachers, it would dramatically improve society. First children learn to fear their parents and obey them. Second, they learn to fear God and obey Him.

4. Spanking is more merciful to the child over grounding and "time-outs" because the discipline over quickly and forgiven. The child feels good faster because all is forgiven.

5. Spanking is often the only form of punishment that is truly effective for the child.

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